Bitcoin Cash Crashes Under 300$ Again. Thoughts?

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19 Dec 2019.

Is crypto a fad or the future?.

following a record-breaking rise in 2017 and then a spectacular crash in 2018.

As it and other tokens like Tezos, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash become more prevalent, their value will increase.

The stock grew to over $300 per share before plummeting to under $6 when the.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is trading at around $207 after gaining over 6% since last week.

the last two months, the crypto market has tumbled again and BCH has come crashing down.

And if so, what are the next levels of support to look out for?

The Federal Reserve announced that it will start buying corporate bonds to provide additional liquidity for corporations.

6 Sep 2018.

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are crashing in a sudden and.

After weeks of steady gains, bitcoin dropped in price by more than $300 in the space of an hour on Wednesday morning, with ethereum, ripple and bitcoin cash all following its lead.

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Don't be fooled into thinking bitcoin is an easy way to make.

Bitcoin miners earn money from transaction fees and earn.

not to mention volatile since the big crash of 2017. ?

GBG is certainly a great long term hold and as you say there is little to upset the overall trend. I’m extremely happy to keep holding here as I ha.