Robert Shiller Says Bitcoin Is The Best Example Of A Bubble

29 Jan 2018.

If you've been living in a cave and haven't heard of Bitcoin, it's the biggest, best- known example of a “cryptocurrency”: an asset.

What makes cryptocurrencies different from ordinary bank accounts, which are.

But what is it good for?.

As Robert Shiller, the world's leading bubble expert, points out, asset.

08/09/2017  · Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller said bitcoin is the best example of a bubble in the market today. Shiller is known for calling the.

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The best defense against a bubble is a well-diversified portfolio.

them, says Robert Shiller, the Yale professor and Nobel laureate whose book Irrational.

Bitcoin, with no intrinsic value of its own, fits Shiller's definition to a T. “There are lots.

Robert Shiller says Bitcoin is the best example right now of a bubble ( 24 points by elsewhen on Sept 5, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments: ringaroundthetx on Sept 6, 2017. As he is the author of Irrational Exuberance, and craftily deconstructs how rational people bid assets to "inexplicable heights", you should begin to notice in this interview that his definition of.

Comparing the current situation in order to learn from the past makes a lot of sense, it does not imply that 2020 has to be.

Robert Shiller Wendy Carlson/Getty Images Robert Shiller, the Nobel-prize winning author that predicted the two biggest speculative markets in recent history, is repeating that bitcoin is in a bubble. The cryptocurrency is “the best example right now,” Shiller told Quartz’s John Detrixhe in an interview published Tuesday. Back in 2014 at Davos, he called the cryptocurrency “an amazing

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31 Dec 2018.

Bitcoin's biggest disadvantage is its.

Robert Shiller wrote the book the on bubbles. He says "the best example right now is bitcoin." 23 C. Gallo.

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Shiller says bitcoin is the best example of a bubble in the market todayFor evidence that bitcoin is in a bubble, Shiller pointed to "a fundamental deep angst of our digitization and computers, that people wonder what their place is in this new world." That fear gives some people a sense that they know the future and can profit from it, he told Quartz.