Bcoin Developers Plan To Test Scaling Concept ‘extension Blocks

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In this light, the emergence of an implementation called ‘Bcoin’ (built by bitcoin startup Purse) to the debate could be a notable development in the scaling saga. The software project got a recent boost this week when it introduced its own take on an old scaling idea, ‘ extension blocks ‘ (or ‘e-blocks’), which the company painted as a way for getting around today’s block-size standstill.

The first multi-blockchain token system. Problem. Ever since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, many new block- chain-based projects have been launched.

Over the course of bitcoin’s two-year scaling debate, a few major alternatives have grown to challenge the network’s most popular and longest-running software, Bitcoin Core. Among the more notable efforts have been Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Classic , which prioritized support larger block sizes as a method to support more transactions.

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18 Mar 2019.

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Bcoin has also been welcomed by bitcoin-centric companies such as Bitpay, Ripio, BTC.com, and Decentraland. Purse founder and CEO Andrew Lee detailed that he believes multiple reference implementations and adding more developers to the ecosystem will benefit bitcoin, during a scaling panel at Consensus 2017. The Purse CEO said he was quite.

It is important to note the concept of Extension Blocks dates back to 2013, as the idea was originally proposed by Johnson Lau. These extension blocks would be added at the end of every network block found on the bitcoin network. Several advancements would be provided, including a transaction malleability fix and the introduction of bitcoin-based smart contracts.

17 Sep 2014.


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The Bitcoin blockchain relies on a concept of “unspent transaction outputs”.

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An extended BURST smart contract framework named “ BlockTalk” is being.

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The development is notable insofar as it makes Liquid only the second tech industry unicorn to actualize in Japan, where the startup is headquartered. The exchange also manages operations in Singapore and Vietnam and accordingly offers fiat currencies like the Japanese yen and Singapore dollars as base currencies for crypto trading. Commenting on the news, Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori suggested.

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