Bitcoin Drama After Last Night’s Correction

Bitcoin Cash was set up last week following a split of the currency, as a group of Bitcoin developers created a separate version in an effort to speed up transaction volumes.

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When bitcoin transaction fees hit record costs in mid-to late-2017, a race for solutions was in force. The most workable one came in the form [.

] The most workable one came in the form.

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23 hours ago.

A pullback in the bitcoin market over the past few days has rattled traders on.

CME rose to record highs last week, and market enthusiasm swelled after.

That might represent the extent of the drama on halving eve – aside from.

the cryptocurrency witnessed a solid correction in the three days leading up.

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22/12/2017  · After an all-time high this week, the decentralized cryptocurrency took a quarter haircut, and is looming toward sub 13,000 USD if this price drama continues. Already, bitcoin has beaten its recent price weakness of 10 December, and news isn’t helping. Mempool congestion, internal politics, higher transaction fees, another exchange bankrupt, and charges of insider.

27 Apr 2020.

After consolidating below the highs of $7,400 for two weeks, Bitcoin finally broke out late last week, on Thursday, rallying past the highs to tap.

17 Feb 2020.

Perhaps the biggest drama came late on Saturday night.

Many analysts believed BTC was due to have a correction following its recent (and.

Bitcoin Dumping? 10% Correction to $8600!8 May 2019.

Bitcoin price traded to a new 2019 high above USD 6000 and later corrected lower. Ethereum price tested the USD 165 support and ripple.